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Dec 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
the clings that makes charm city big is the lighting of the washington monument. the lights will go on right at 7:45. the streets are blocked off and they will be closed until 11:00 tonight. >> we're talking about the annual tradition. the kindertime toy drive is back. we're a proud sponsor of the toy drive. you can drop off any new unwrapped toy and you can also did to any celebree learning centers. for a full list, go to drive. >>> each week we give you a look at a student. >> but each week we got a little twist. how a whole team is seth the example for their school. >> firefighters save lives every day, but today they're doing it differently. >> 41 degrees out at bwi. that's seven degrees below average. we guarantee 45. so didn't quite get there. we'll talk about the change coming tomorrow. it's dry now. that may not be the same case tomorrow. more details straight ahead. >>> a beautiful day. very chilly. wyatt's got a complete look at the forecast coming up. >>> we bring you the story of different students who are excelling. this week it's a whole team. championshi
Dec 26, 2012 6:00pm EST
. >> then they say go back to the table, not your own table, but the table in washington because middle class people shouldn't have their income go up an average of $2,000 a year. >> some experts say a smaller simpler deal that delays the toughest issues could get us over the fiscal cliff gently. >>> starbucks is taking a stand on the fiscal cliff. the chain's ceo is asking stores to write "come together" on the coffee cups they sell tomorrow. starbucks says workers are not required to write the message though. >>> there is a positive sign for the economy that housing is rebounding. home prices were up more than 4% in october compared to a year ago. that's the biggest percentage gain in more than two years. despite increase home price are still down 29% from the peak in june of 2006. >>> it's become as much of a seasonal shopping tradition as black friday, the day people return gifts and look for a better deal. >> reporter: earlier today it looked and felt like the day after christmas with the falling snow and people in their cars sloshing their way to the stores in the mall. >> my aunt
Dec 31, 2012 6:00pm EST
place is tomorrow in 2013. automatic increase also take effect. we have the latest from washington. >> reporter: just hours before the midnight deadline to avert the fiscal cliff, president obama said a deal is within sight but not there yet. there are still some issues to be resolved. our most immediate priority is to stop taxes from going up on middle class families starting tomorrow. i think that is a modest goal that we can accomplish. >> reporter: senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and joe biden are leading the negotiations. the deal will increase the estate class, extend unemployment benefits and bring back higher clinton tax rates on high incomes. from households earning $20,000 to those earning $450,000 a year. this create lad divide within the party with senator tom harken saying he and other democrats may block a deal. >> the deal must be one that favors the middle class, the real middle class. >> reporter: some lawmakers are frustrated there's still no bill up for a debate. >> senator reid should put a bill mon the floor, let the americans see it not another deal mad
Dec 27, 2012 6:00pm EST
new york's time square. the countdown to the new year is underway. in washington there is a much more ominous count down underway. five days and counting until the united states economy goes over the fiscal cliff if something isn't done. >> american people are waiting for the ball to drop but it's not going to be a good drop. >> reporter: with no deal taxes will go up and spending will be slashed. some warn the impact could spark another recession. with the deadline approaching the president returned to the white house and the united states senate is back in session. the house will reconvene by sunday evening. >> there is still time and it depends on how complicated the fiction it. >> reporter: the sticking point continues to be taxes. democrats want to extend the tax cuts to everybody but those americans making $250,000 or more a year. republicans remain against any tax increases. the debate is park sparking a high stakes match. >> the speaker cares more about his speaker ship than helping the nation. >> nobody is willing to pull the trigger. everybody wants to play the blame game. i
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4